City of the Month: York

York Cathedral

York Cathedral - Photo by Rachel Dalton

December: YORK

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my trip, as I didn’t know much about York, other than it’s a historic city with a cathedral…slap me on the wrist if you must.

Lots of my friends and family had recommended visiting so I took a trip just before Christmas. Luckily the snow had gone but the freezing temperatures hadn’t. This didn’t dampen my merry spirits though; as I walked through the city I was surrounded by a mix of old & new – the feel of the place was warm (despite the weather) and walking around, I felt right at home.

Positives: A good mix of old & new, friendly atmosphere (met some lovely ladies in the sweet shop) and a man playing a piano just outside the cathedral.

Negatives: Don’t get me wrong, the cathedral is beautiful, but having lived in Lincoln for 3 years, nothing quite compares. Oh and the bitterly cold weather.

Verdict: Lovely.

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