City of the Month: Cambridge

Punting in front of King's College, Cambridge

Punting in front of King's College, Cambridge - Photo by Rachel Dalton


Home to one of the best universities in the world, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. ┬áHaving heard so many stories about the historic buildings and famous punting, I couldn’t wait to experience Cambridge for myself. I spent 4 days wandering the streets with my friend and realised why so many people loved the city. The university campuses are unsurprisingly beautiful, making everything around them seem insignificant. The highlight for me was punting though, it’s so much fun and you get to see Cambridge at it’s best! My advice would be to go when it’s warmer though, it will be busier but a much more enjoyable 30 minutes.

Positives: Beautiful city with lots to do – punting, museums, shopping, parks!

Negatives: It’s quite small and public transport is more expensive that London!

Verdict: Majestic

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