Your 2011 hair inspiration

Jessie J cuts hair

Jessie J's long bob.

This month I took the risk and went for the chop. Bored of my long locks, I opted for girl of the moment Jessie J’s haircut. Blunt fringe and a long bob, shorter at the back and getting diagonally longer near the front.

While my mum constantly mentioned that my hair looks better long, I ignored her protests and went for the haircut I’ve been envying over for months. I’m glad I took the risk because I love my new haircut. I feel stylish and pretty again and carry myself with more confidence. It’s influenced how I dress and makes me feel like a new person.

Inspired by my new haircut, I’ve hunted out the styles of the moment to give you that accomplished new year, new you feeling.

First off, my own inspiration, Jessie J. With a Brits Critics Choice award and the biggest tune of the year already under her belt, she’s destined for big things. She claims she’s had the same haircut most of her life and with such a great one, who would change it?

I’ve had a blunt fringe before, and after no luck with a side fringe, it was welcomed back with open arms! After a bad haircut, five years ago, I had avoided short hair since but a long bob didn’t seem too daunting.

This haircut is great, it looks edgy and stylish with little effort. The short length takes styling time down and just be sure to straighten hair to within an inch of its life to achieve that sleek look. A touch of gloss finishes the look.

If you don’t fancy a cut, but are open to a colour change, take inspiration from celebs like Rihanna and Cheryl Cole and dare to go red. You can go extreme and choose a fire engine red like Rihanna or add a cheeky hint like Cheryl.  Those with lighter skin tones will suit shades at the ginger end of the spectrum while those with darker hues will rock coppers and dark reds.

Rihanna's red hair.

Rihanna lights up the rooom.

If you’re feeling extra daring, opt for a pixie crop like Ashlee Simpson or The Saturday’s Frankie Sandford. Crops can be difficult and often require the right kind of face shape. But this dramatic image overhaul with leave you bouncing with new found confidence.


Ashlee Simpson Pixie Crop

Ashlee rocks the Pixie crop.


If you want to give your hair a new lease of life but don’t want to change the length too much then layers are a great way to give yourself a new style. With some good styling products, you can work the bedhead look and release your inner rock chick like Katy Perry.


Katy Perry layed hair

Katy Perry rocks it.


As the month of January drags, along with the new year blues, a new haircut can be a great way to get you excited and ready for the year ahead. It certainly helped me!

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