Gig Review: McFly at Wembley – April 1st 2011

Danny Jones

Danny Jones playing at Wembley Arena by Nicole Cosens

As someone who has seen McFly twelve times, over seven years, I think we can say I’m a pretty dedicated fan and maybe slightly bias to review them. But if seven years, seven number ones, five albums and the original line up aren’t enough to show you these guys are serious, then I guess you’re a lost cause.

The love between the foursome is plain to see, it’s a four-way bromance. They genuinely care for each other and they care for their fans. Friday’s concert at Wembley Arena was broadcast around the world for all their dedicated fans from South America to Australia.

Their innovative Super City website has provided a mega-site for fans to interact, see exclusive videos and if they join as a pioneer, enjoy priority treatment.

So when Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd took the stage at Wembley on April 1st to an in-house crowd of over 10,000 as well as a worldwide online audience, they delivered a show that would stick in the minds of them all.

With their biggest setlist to date, they featured songs from all five albums and weren’t afraid to mix it up a bit. They even included a cover of Tinie Temper’s Pass Out, with a rockier edge and Danny’s rapping alter ego, Dino. Highlights of the set were opening number Party Girl, anthemic Lies, album track and fan favourite Corrupted, Dougie’s rare lead vocal in Transylvania and a delightful mash up of crowd pleasers All About You and Obviously.

The audience weren’t disappointed, and erupted into a frenzy when clear walkways were lowered from the celing, so McFly could walk above and over the floor of standing fans, and in line with those in the seats. As they played their debut single and fan favourite Five Colours in Her Hair, fans couldn’t believe their eyes as their idols played just a few feet above them.

Dougie Poynter

Dougie Poynter rocking on the walkway by Nicole Cosens

The frenzy increased as the band members stomped the walkways purposefully with t-shirt guns, shooting a t-shirt each into the crowd. As they began playing again, Dougie threw a plectrum into crowd, and it landed in front of me. It was every woman for herself as I dived on to the floor, just as an Ugg boot laden foot stomped down on top of it.

That wasn’t going to beat me, I spent a good few minutes trying to lift up this mystery foot, batting away other hands, until I had a brainwave and pushed the offending leg. It moved, and the plectrum laid there ready for me to take, I stamped my hand on it and swung around before safely zipping it in my handbag, it was mine and I had won! Then reality hit me, I was almost 21 and had lost my dignity rolling on the floor for a plectrum.

But the euphoria of owning something my long time idol Dougie Poynter had played a few of my favourite band’s songs with was enough to keep me smiling. The 13 year old me of seven years ago would have been proud.

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